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The Money Lady’s service focus is to find the best suitable mortgage financing for her clients, as every client has different needs and expectations.

In view that The Money Lady can access up to 50 lenders, including banks, trust companies, non-bank lenders and private lenders, she is able to find the best mortgage products and the best interest rates in the market. With Angela’s 28 years of banking experience and over 15 years as a Mortgage Professional, totaling over 43 years in the banking financing industry, she can effectively assess her client’s mortgage financing needs and provides an honest recommendation.

Angela Wong-Liao, The Money Lady obtained a new designation as "Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist" in October 2015, she can connect you directly with HomEquity Bank, the only Canadian bank who does Reverse Mortgage.  Reverse mortgage is a special mortgage product cater to senior homeowners over 55 years old, who wants to maintain ownership in their own homes but need funds for relieving financial stress or gifting to their families or supplement their retirement income.  There are no payments for as long as the homeowner lives in the home. Income verification and credit score are not required to qualify for Reverse Mortgage.  The senior homeowners maintain title ownership of their homes and the money accessed is tax-free.

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