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Angela has substantial experience in residential mortgage financing, 28 years with Scotiabank and 12 years with Invis Inc, one of the biggest national mortgage brokerage in Canada.

1.    Angela can access over 50 lenders including banks, non-bank lenders, trust companies, credit unions and private lenders to find the mortgage money for her clients.

2.    The benefits of dealing with Angela, an independent mortgage professional versus dealing directly with the banks/lenders is that Angela can shop for the best pricing and find mortgage products best-suited for you at her finger tips as Invis provides the list of lenders, their pricing, policies and procedures for their independent mortgage professionals.

3.    Angela uses one credit bureau enquiries shopping with different lenders for her clients, which saves the hassle and time, if they want to go shopping for their mortgage themselves, each lender may take an enquiry on his/her credit bureau and directly adversely affecting his/her credit rating.

4.    Angela works flexible hours, and she is willing to her clients at locations convenient for them.

5.    With Angela’s years of banking/financing experience, she can effectively assess her clients' mortgage needs, and provide them with an honest recommendation.

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